UAlg to open Postgraduate course in Scientific Communication and Management of Science

The University of Algarve, through the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (FCHS), created a new Postgraduate course in Scientific Communication and Management of Science that will start operating in the next academic year. Registration is now open.

This training aims to provide students with skills in structuring / managing communication of scientific content and valuing scientific culture.

The relationship between the University and its contexts, transfer activities, the societal impact of science and the need for careful information management require communicative specificities that will be analyzed in this course.

The Science management, while acquiring mechanisms for the administration of resources, processes and measures, in a rational and appropriate way, needs reflection for the creation of conditions for innovation, production and transmission / transfer of knowledge. 

These are the aspects that justify the need for this postgraduate training, which aims to contribute to training specialists in the field, capable of managing communication processes, reflecting on scientific culture in society, and communicating science appropriately, not only among peers ( scientific publications), but, above all, in contexts with supports and for different audiences.

The post-graduation results from research carried out in this area at the Arts and Communication Research Centre (CIAC), coordinated by Mirian Tavares, professor at FCHS and researcher in areas such as art and technology, cinema, literature and other arts, who will also be deputy director and teacher of the course. It will have as director Manuel Célio Conceição, professor at FCHS, and researcher in terminology and specialized communication, in linguistic mediation, multilingualism and linguistic policies, in short, in languages, communication and science..

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