Why study with us?

The privileged location of the University of the Algarve, next to Faro Airport, the quality of teaching and research, as well as the excellent infrastructures it has to offer, combined with the synergies it establishes with the region, make this academy in the periphery acquire a central and international status.

Here, the concept of proximity is widely experienced, without any barriers between all members of the academic community, providing a closer education, aimed at adapting the experience of each student to their learning standards.

It should also be noted that the institution places in various international rankings in the areas of Health Sciences and Technologies; Economy, Management and Tourism; Social and Education Sciences, Arts and Humanity and Exact and Natural Sciences.

In the same way that the University of Algarve is unique, each organic unit is also distinguished and differentiated by its uniqueness, by the unmistakable characteristics and potential that make each School, Faculty or Institute an open space of excellence, sharing and welcoming.

Why choose our school?

  • FCHS values knowledge in foundational areas such as the arts, humanities and social sciences, for the personal development of our communities and societies,in the past, present and future;
  • We guarantee to provide an integrated and articulated range of courses made up of Degrees, Master’s and Doctorates, for lifelong learning.
  • We base our teaching on research areas of excellence recognised internationally and formally recognised by professional bodies.
  • We promote immediate access to current and internationally relevant empirical knowledge.
  • We privilege motivating teaching practices based on the relational proximity between teachers, researchers and students.
  • We promote quality teaching and research, based on an organisational culture of support and appreciation for our young students, researchers and teachers.