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The History of the Algarve course had its first edition in 2004.


Promote interest in the region's history and heritage, contributing to the dissemination of its various fields (archeology, art history, cultural history, oral history, intangible heritage, urbanism, etc.).

Given the general interest of the subjects covered in the course, this is not aimed exclusively at the academic environment, but at a wider audience, interested in enriching knowledge about the history and heritage of the Algarve.


The 17th edition of the course will be dedicated to the theme "The Algarve and the Portuguese Empire". Throughout the nine sessions that make up the course, we will seek to explore the relationship established between the region and the Empire, from Modernity to Contemporary times, in various areas that include the movement of goods and people, economic relations, influences on art and literature, among others.

Therefore, each of the sessions of the course will be in charge of several specialists in these areas and, if the conditions are right, there will be a guided visit to Sagres fortress, which will allow you to appreciate in loco the relevance of the region in the context of Portuguese maritime expansion.

Operating Mode

The course will take place during the month of July 2021, in a face-to-face format, but it is anticipated that, due to current circumstances, some speakers will deliver their presentations via videoconference.

Date: July 1-31, on Tuesdays and Thursdays (the tour will take place on a Saturday, departing at 2pm)

Schedule: From 6 pm to 8 pm

Venue: Gambelas Campus - Amphitheatre A of the Pedagogical Complex

Tuition and Fees 2021/2022

Students and Staff of UAlg: Registration Fee (10 euros) | Tuition (5 euros)

Former Students of UAlg: School Insurance and Registration Fee ( 15 euros) | Tuition (5 euros)

General Public: Application Fee ( 7.50 euros) | School Insurance and Registration Fee (17.50 euros) | Tuition (15 euros)

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The admission for the open course is done through online form