Research and Development Centres

Research centres related with fchs

- Center for Research in Communication Sciences and Arts 

The CIAC is a research unit evaluated by the Foundation for Science and Technology, has developed innovative research in the fields of artistic studies (visual arts, cinema, theatre) and cultural studies, communication and, more recently, literary studies (digital archives, critical digital editions), connecting the creation of platforms and the forms of communication of scientific knowledge in the designated areas... MORE

- research centre for spatial and organizational dynamics 

CIEO has been formed with the main aims of eecute and promote research in view of the creation of a scientific multidisciplinary knowledge in the areas of Cities and Spatial Dynamics, Organizations, Innovation and Learning Spaces, and Tourism and Well-being in Society; dffuse scientific knowledge articulated with strategic management, also of human resources and entrepreneurship... MORE

- Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behaviour 

The Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behaviour (ICArEHB) is a research center based at the University of Algarve (Southern Portugal), bringing together a group of foreigner and national researchers with a main goal: developing research and contribute to a better understanding of the evolution of human behavior from an archaeological and anthropological perspective... MORE

study and development centres

- Centro de Estudos em Ciências da Linguagem (pt)

- Centro Universitário de Investigação em Psicologia (pt)

- Centre for Studies in Oral Literature

The CEAO (Centre for Studies in Oral Literature) was created in 1994 to develop research in the area of oral literature. We publish the annual journal Estudos de Literatura Oral (ELO) since 1995. The CEAO is also an active member of IELT (Institute for Studies in Oral tradition). CEAO is located in Pavillion H5 at the Campus of Gambelas. There, you can find a documentation centre formed by a specialised library... MORE

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