Portuguese as Foreign Language course- summer course


Portuguese as Foreign Language course- summer course


 Information for apllicants

The Faculty of Human Sicences is organizing the 19 th edition of the course in Portuguese Foreign Language (PFL).


The course will begin on 2 july and end on 27 july.

The summer course Portuguese Foreign Language (PLE) is structured in Portuguese proficiency levels, equivalent to 5 ECTS, according to the European system of credit transfer.

The course consists of 77 hours of portuguese classes, supplemented by modules (of 20 hours).

- Movies, music, culture and portuguese literature.

The portuguese language classes take place every day from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 am to 13.00.

The school calendar includes also guided tours and other cultural activities, which aim to provide students with the opportunity to know aspects of portuguese cullture, particularly the Algarve reality.

These cultural activities (as well as modules) take place in the afternoon.


The course consists of 77 hours of Portuguese language classes, totalling 5 ECTS in accordance with the European System of Credit Transfer.

Location: Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e Sociais (FCHS- Campus de Gambelas).

Frequency: The portuguese language classes take place every day from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 am to 13.00.




The course is organized according to the Common European Framework for Languages.

Basic User-  A1 - (Breakthrough or beginner)  - students with no knowledge of portuguese;

Basic User -  A2 - (Way stage or elementary) - students able to express basic phrases in portuguese;

Independent User  -  B1 (Threshold or intermediate)- students with intermediate knowledge of portuguese and able to communicate and interact in simple and everyday matters;

Candidates will be divided into classes according to the level of proficiency in portuguese they demonstrate in the diagnostic test and the interview.

The number of classes for the other levels may vary depending of the number of students.

This will only be decided affter placement tests have been cariedd out.


University of Algarve teaching staff is responsable for the Portuguese as Foreign Language (PFL) Course.

All teachers proceed from the Arts and Humanities Department (FCHS-UALG) and are highly trained and experience in PFL teaching.



Candidates Accepted:

The minimum age for admission is 17.

Candidates must have completed their secondary scholl education.



All accepted applicants need to :

- Fill the registration form (available online);


- Pay fee for the programme ( full fee by 26 june);

- Send bank transfer receipt (by email: ple@ualg.pt);

- Send passport photo (by email);


Payment method:

- 410 Euros (enrolment + tuition fee) or
- 25 Euros (enrolment) to be paid upon enrolment  + 385 Euros (tuition fee) to be paid until 26 june.

If you decide to pay bank transfer, please ensure it is free of bank taxes and email confirmation of the transfer.

By bank transfer:
Bank: Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Address: Agência de Gambelas
8005-139 – Faro - Portugal
IBAN n.º PT 50 0035 0205 00011528730 91



Registration and enrolment deadline: 29  june.

Unjustified cancellations are not eligible for a refund.

All applicants requiring visas are recommended not to pay any fees for the programme prior to the conclusion of the process.


Telf.: (Customer relations): 289 899 740
Telf.: (Ticket office): 289 899 760
Address: Avenida da República, n.º 5, 8000-078 - Faro

Bus pass (monthly)
Request at  EVA transportes (Avenida da República, n.º 5, 8000 - 078 Faro).
         a) Faro-Gambelas-Faro – 28,40 €
         b) Faro-Gambelas-Praia de Faro-Faro – 33,17 €


Required documentation:

- Passport photo;

- Photocopy of passport or identity card;
- 5€ - for the emission of the bus card


Telf.: +351 289 800 914 
E-mail: ple@ualg.pt